Wellness Support

Wellness Support Consults include receiving support around nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle choices that can provide a foundation for augmenting life long vitality.

The fundamental groundwork for maintaining and improving your health conditions and your life is available by supporting good nutrition, sleep, movement and self awareness. Everyone needs support sometimes and working from a perspective of fostering good health is an intentional and positive place to begin.

In combination with orienting to health, there are often correlations between stressed meridian systems and symptoms.  The use of homeopathic remedies can assist the system as functions come back into balance.

Below is a free online wellness check which you can use. It will take about 7 minutes to complete. The wellness check can show which meridian systems are out of balance. You can enter your own email to get a copy for yourself as well as send me a copy, if you wish.

Contact me for a Wellness Support Consult if you are new to the office. If you are a continuing NET client, we can discuss the results at your next visit.

Take the online Wellness Check by clicking the image below.

Wellness Check